Welcome to The Order of Croodzi
As a member of The Order of Croodzi you will receive our monthly newsletter as well as the password to our members only web site and a copy of our approved rituals and other material as it becomes available  At this time membership is free and open to all over the age of eighteen who affirm the oath which follows  if you include your name and mailing address we will send you a membership certificate  the only required information is either your first and last name and your magickal or craft name if you have chosen one and a valid e mail address  Please read the oath which follows than complete the form

     As with most mystical Orders we have our secret passwords rituals and ceremonies. By submitting this application for membership you swear and affirm that you will keep secret the Rituals, Ceremonies,  Passwords, Magickal or Craft names of the members of The Order of Croodzi.  Further, that you will endeavor, to your utmost to maintain a harmonious relationship with all our members and that you will not intentionally cause harm to any member either physically or through any spell, ritual or other magickal work.  You also promise and swear that you are over the age of eighteen years old, of sound mind and that you have a sincere interest in the Occult Arts.

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