“Catching” the Moon to charge a Talisman.
Bro. TAL

     First, select the place to hold your ritual.  The best sites to work Low or natural magick are, in descending order.
First --- Outside, with a clear view of the Moon.
                                                  Second --- Outside, without a clear view of the Moon.
                                                   Third --- Inside, with a clear view of the Moon.
                                                     Fourth --- Inside, without a clear view of the Moon.

     The Moon, representing the Goddess aspect of Divinity, is also seen to be the key force in all kinds of Magick.  The phases of the Moon act as guides as to what your magick can do.  During the waxing Moon, that is the period from first sight of the New Moon till the Full Moon, magick should be done to draw things to you.  Talisman should be made during the period of the “growing” Moon.  The strength of the of the Moon will be at its highest at Full Moon.  Amulets should be made from the day after the Full Moon until the Moon is no longer visible. This phase is called the waning Moon and reaches its strength during the dark of the Moon, when the Moon is not visible.
     Suppose someone is ill, and you wish to help him or her regain his or her health.  During the waning Moon, you can make a Talisman to bring good health to them.  If the Moon is waning you can make an Amulet to cause disease to leave them.
     After choosing the place and time to conduct your ritual, put on your robe or other “Magical clothing”, or, if you prefer, work nude, or “sky clad”.  Set up a small altar in the center of the ritual space.  This can be a small table, a chair, a tree stump, or a flat rock.  Be sure that when you are standing behind your altar, you are facing North, NOT East.  Place the Talisman or Amulet on the altar along with candles of the appropriate colors, your Magick dagger, a small bowl of salt, a small bowl of water, and incense of the appropriate scent.  You are now ready to begin The Ritual!
     FIRST: Purify yourself and your ritual area.  Standing behind your altar, facing North, visualize a brilliant white light coming from the ends of the universe, going through the top of your head and down through your feet into the Earth, as it does so, realize that this pure light is taking with it all the problems and impurities which may have been within you and on your mind either consciously, or unconsciously.  Next, visualize a bright white light a ring about your purified self, at chest height.  See in your minds eye the expansion of this light so that it forms a circle around you three, five, seven or nine feet in diameter.  The size depends only on the size available to you!  Finally, this circle should expand above and below so that you are surrounded above, below, behind, and in front of you with brilliant white light.  You should be in the center of a brilliant “sphere” of light.  Still facing North, light the stick of incense and hold it in front of you.  Raise the incense “on high” and Say: “Behold!  This is the union of Fire and Air!”  Still holding the incense in front of you, move clockwise from behind your alter to the North side of your “circle”.  Raise the incense on high, shake it once to your left, once to your right, and once straight ahead, and say: “I purify the North with Fire and Air.”  Continue clockwise around your circle to the East.  Repeat the “gestures” and say: “I purify the East with Fire and Air.”   Continue in like manner to the South and West.  Return briefly to the North to complete your circle.  Return to your position behind the altar.  Place the incense on the altar, and using the flat side of the blade of your Magick Dagger, place three “measures” of salt into the water.  Raising the water, salt mixture on high, Say: “Behold, This is the union of Water and Earth!”  Holding the bowl in front of you again move clockwise to the North edge of your circle.  Dip your fingers into the water, raise them on high, shake once to the left, once to the right, and once straight ahead and say: “I Sanctify the North with Water and Earth.”    As with the incense, continue moving clockwise and Sanctify the remaining three “quarters”, return briefly to the North, than to your position behind the altar.  You are now ready to “catch” the Moon!
     SECOND: Place your hands in front of you, palms outward, fingers together and your thumbs extended away from your fingers.  As you bring your hands together you should form a triangular opening with your thumbs being the base of the triangle.  This is called the “triangle of manifestation.”  Raise your hands to eye level.  You should now be able to see the moon while looking through the “triangle of manifestation.”  As you gaze at the Moon, you should start to see a second, visualized Moon forming in the “triangle”.   Keep concentrating on this second Moon.  If you cannot actually see it, just know that it is there.
     THIRD:  Now you have to do two things at once!  While concentrating on the second Moon, slowly bring your hands down toward the Talisman or Amulet.  Keep repeating over and over mentally a single word or short phrase (health, knowledge, wealth) that best represents the purpose of the Talisman or Amulet.  If using a phrase it should be no longer than four words.  As you do these things, bring your hands over, than down around the Talisman or Amulet.  The goal is to surround the object with the Triangle formed by your hands.  The energy of the Moon, impregnated by your will for the purpose of the Talisman or Amulet is now joining the object!  In a few seconds you should feel a sudden lightness in your hands, or a rush of energy, or a snapping sensation.  Everyone experiences this sensation differently.  As soon as you experience this change CLAP! Your hands together and as you separate your hands SAY: “It is finished!”
     FOURTH:  Your ritual is now finished, thank the elements and spirits for their help, and bid them to leave in peace.  Perform any grounding rituals, extinguish the candles, and retire from the circle.
     Note:  If you are making an Amulet in the Waning phase of the Moon, be sure that you use a NEGATIVE intention as this is something you want to be rid of, not have it be attracted to you!