The Rules
1. All sites should meet the RingSurf guidelines.
2. This ring was formed to unite and bring about a better understanding of Wicca, Ritual Magick, Paganism, and the other Occult philosophies.
3. Sites will not display pornography, any kind of "hate" material, or any material which would be offensive to any race, or ethnic group. Artistic, tasteful, nudity will be permitted, at the discretion of the Ringmaster.
4. No Satanic or drug related pages.
5. Each site should be devoted to or have as its major theme Wicca (witchcraft), Ritual Magick, Paganism, or some other form of The Occult.
6. All sites should be family oriented, when possible, please, no offensive language!
7. Each site applying for membership will have 30 days from the date of application to install one of the ring applets on your Site.  It is preferred that you install our applet on your entrance page, but you may place it on another page, say a "ring page", as long as that is the page specified on your application.  If you are having problems meeting the 30 day deadline, e-mail me! If  you don't install a Ring applet within 30 days, you will be sent a "letter of inquiry" to see if you are having problems and if you still wish to be a member.
8. Once you have your Ring Applet installed on your site you MUST E-MAIL ME so that I can activate your membership.  Remember, it is your responsibility to e-mail me to activate your membership.
9.  Membership will be at the sole discretion of the Ring Master.
10. Have FUN! And enjoy The Blue Goddess web ring!

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