Welcome to my
Spirit of the Battle page!

The Battle of the Ancients is a new, international
web site competition headquartered in Sydney,
Australia.  Our founder is Shazdraco, a great
warrior and poet.  She has spends many hours
making Battle of the Ancients a success for
everyone.  We, the warriors of the Battle salute
and thank you, Shazdraco, for all you've done for us!
The Battle began on 5 February, 2001.  Currently
we have twelve teams, or houses in competition,
The House of Africa
The House of Australis
The House of the Aztecs
The House of the Celts
The House of the Great Spirit
The House of the Greeks
The House of the Orient
The House of the Pharaohs
The House of the Romans
The House of Russia (New)
The House of Spain (New)
The House of the Vikings
Through these ancient civilizations we battle
to Rule the World!  We would be pleased to welcome
you to The Battle!